In 'night Mother, how does Jessie's trip to the attic precipitate telling Thelma her plan, and how do Jessie and Thelma react in the conversation?

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Jessie went into the attic to find her deceased father's old gun. It was part of Jessie's plan to put an end to her unproductive, fear and grief hampered melancholy life. Getting the gun and sitting down to clean it triggers a conversation between Thelma and Jessie in which Jessie tells of her suicide plan. Jessie seems almost pleased about her intentions as she tells about buying the ammunition and having it delivered to house and as she runs down the list of final chores she has concluded relating to things like the newspaper and milk delivery. Thelma can't grasp that in the midst of all this busy casual talk Jessie is really planning to kill herself but, when she does come to understand, she is desperate to dissuade Jessie and as a result tells family secrets about the epilepsy and Jessie's father's death.

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