In "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer," why does Huck Finn try to avoid taking credit for helping to prevent a murder?

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In "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer," Huck Finn hears Injun Joe and his accomplice talking about harming the Widow Douglas.  He tells "the Welshman" about it and the Welsh man and his sons prevent the attack.

When asked how he found out about the potential attack, Huck is very relcutant to tell.  This is because he doesn't want Injun Joe to find out that he was the one who prevented the attack.

Huck is already afraid of Injun Joe because Huck and Tom Sawyer saw Injun Joe kill Dr. Robinson in the graveyard.  It later comes out that they were there and so Huck already is afraid that Injun Joe might want to kill him.  Huck fears that telling on Injun Joe again might finally drive him to get his revenge on Huck.


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He fears that Injun Joe will take revenge upon him if he stated that he had prevented the attack.

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