Why does Huck go ashore? What does he find out?This is when he dresses up as a girl while on the island with Jim.

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He also finds out that some of the people believe Pap killed Huck and there is a $200 reward out for him.

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Huck goes to shore partly just because he is bored and partly to see if there is any news about the town's reaction to his and Jim's disappearances.  He learns that word of his supposed murder has gotten around, and that although at first it was believed that Pap killed Huck, when people found that Jim had run away as well, they concluded that Jim must have killed Huck.  There is a $300 reward for the capture of Jim.

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Huck is bored, and wants to go into town to see what is going on. He dresses as a girl, and this is how he finds out that the town believes that Jim killed Huck and is now offering a $300.00 reward for him. They are going to search the island for him.