In Animal Farm, why does Clover stll insist that the farm is better now than it was under Mr. Jones?Clover is heartbroken over what has been happening on the farm.

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As is often the case with revolution, the new boss is just as bad as the old boss.  However, the animals are still the ones in charge.  The tyrant known as man is gone.  It takes a while for the animals to realize that they are no better off, because at first it seems like they are better off.  The animals are in charge, they make the rules.  Even though the pigs are the ones calling the shots, pigs are still better than men.  It is hard to loose hold of an ideal, and better to continually kid yourself.  Clover is looking at things optimistically, and naively.

blue-crystal | Student

clearly this is because although the animals got rid of their tyrants and became under their own rule, they fail to manage their matters even build their mill. their produce and hard work still is used by somebody else or better say other animals, clearly their commanders. they do have discrimination in the farm and the rules get broken by the leaders themselves who pretend that those rules did not even exist. they lie to the other animals just to hide their cruelty. the rulers even hold no interest in the well being of the other animals on the farm except their kinds, like the pigs for example. they also provide the other animals poor quantities of food.

due to these reasons among other details from the plot the farm became even more chaotic. the leadership changed from the selfish controlling john to the lying deceiving commanders, which is worse.