Pictures of Hollis Woods

by Patricia Reilly Giff

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Why does Hollis get a strange feeling as she and Josie watch a movie?

Expert Answers

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One night, Hollis goes with Josie and her friend Beatrice to catch a movie at the local cinema. They're going to watch a sentimental film about a boy and his dog set in a small New Jersey town at Christmas. As they enter the dark theater, Hollis feels kind of strange; she's clearly not used to such an alien environment. But Josie and Beatrice are right at home as they get behind the candy counter, ready to sell popcorn to gain the price of admission.

The place is almost deserted, and Hollis reckons this must be because it's a school night and everyone's at home having supper or catching up on homework. She imagines Steven sitting round the dinner table with Izzy and the Old Man or bent over a sheet of paper doing algebra.

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