In The Bronze Bow, how has time proven Hezron correct concerning his beliefs about the Jewish faith and the Romans?

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In Chapter 5, two very different views about the Roman occupation are presented. On the one hand Daniel believes firmly that it is the resposibility of every Jew to rebel against their Roman oppressors with violence. On the other hand, Hezron adopts a policy of accommodation. Ultimately he and Daniel believe that they should be a free people, but the difference is that Hezron ultimately believes that the Jewish Law is stronger and mightier than the Romans, and that this will outlast the Roman empire and stand for all eternity. Note what he says:

When the last Roman emperor has vanished from the earth, the Law will still endure. It is to the Law that our loyalty must be devoted.

Ultimately, of course, Hezron has been proved to be correct. The fact that Israel exists as an independent state in today's world, so many years after the Romans were dead and buried and their power was ended, shows that his faith was not misplaced and that the Law of the Jews, given to them by God, has stood for all these years.

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