Why does Hester go to the Governor's Hall?

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Hester goes to Governor Bellingham's mansion one day

with a pair of gloves which she had fringed and embroidered to his order, and which were to be worn on some great occasion of state.

She has been working as a seamstress, supporting herself and her little daughter, Pearl, with this work. Because of her great skill in producing beautiful items, she is often in demand for all kinds of garments and accessories. In many ways, the narrator suggests that this makes it seem as though the Puritans' vanity often outstripped their abhorrence of sin, as they coveted the Hester's productions regardless of her reputation. However, she is never asked to make anything having to do with a bride, as people seem to think that her adultery makes her an inappropriate person for this kind of work. When Hester goes to the governor's mansion, it is to deliver the pair of gloves which she has made for him and, presumably, collect her payment.

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Hester has heard that Governor Bellingham is considering removing Pearl from her care. There have been rumors that Pearl is of demon origin and that she would be better raised by someone more respectable than Hester. Hester hopes to convince the Governor to allow her to keep the child.

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