In The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, why does Bruno get mad at Maria?

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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne is set during World War II when Bruno, a young German boy from Berlin, travels to "Out-With" with his family as his father is to take a position there (at Auschwitz), the notorious concentration camp, the correct name of which Bruno cannot pronounce. Bruno is content with his life in Berlin; in the house with the perfect banister for "whoosing" and sliding down; with "friends for life," Karl and Daniel and Martin and with his grandparents living close by. 

He comes home from school to find Maria, the family's domestic help, packing his things together and he is incensed that she is going through the things in his room, especially because he has no idea why she would be doing so. He desperately tries to think of reasons why his mother may be sending him away; maybe for being naughty or for "using those words out loud that he wasn't allowed to use," and he tries, in as polite a tone as he can, to ask Maria to leave his things alone. He is clearly angry as he goes "marching" to his mother to establish the reasons why Maria is packing his things, especially as he really can't remember giving his mother a reason to send him away.

Despite his protests and the fact that he and his friends "have plans,", Bruno has no choice but to accompany the family to the new place and he goes to pack his own belongings for fear that Maria will not take as much as care as he might or may find things that are"nobody else's business."  

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he got angry of Maria because she was packing his stuff just to move houses and he didn't want to move because there an article inside his house

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