In "Blues Ain't No Mockin Bird," why does Granny resent the filmmakers and cameraman?

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Granny also resents the filmmakers because they appear to be investigating the extent of her wealth (or lack thereof).

For example, the cameraman takes pictures of the pecan barrels, the sled, the printed stones along the driveway, the trees, and the toolshed. It never occurs to the filmmakers that they are infringing on Granny's privacy. It also never occurs to the men that they may be insulting the property owner by their focus on material objects.

When the filmmakers comment that Granny has "nice things," she counters with “I don’t know about the thing, the it, and the stuff . . . just people here is what I tend to consider.” Granny feels resentful because the men appear focused on gathering information to use for or against the food stamp program. The author does not tell us about the exact motives of the filmmakers.

The filmmakers also ask intrusive and patronizing questions. They appear to hint that the food stamp program may not be necessary after all.

"We’re filmin for the county, see. Part of the food stamp campaign. You know about the food stamps?” Granny said nuthin. “Maybe there’s somethin you want to say for the film. I see you grow your own vegetables,” he smiled real nice. “If more folks did that, see, there’d be no need—”

In all, the filmmakers have chosen to ignore Granny's wishes and have treated her with little respect. Thus, their actions fuel resentment on Granny's part.

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In "Blues Ain't No Mockin Bird," Granny resents the filmmakers and cameraman for several reasons, and they are all good and right reasons. First, after asking if they could film her and her family as part of a documentary and being told "No," they continued to try to cajole and persuade her against her wishes. This is highly disrespectful.

Second, they continued to affront her by remaining on her property, property that she and Granddaddy owned. Third, they insisted on filming against her express wishes and after clearly have permission denied. This all gives Granny sound moral and legal reason to resent the intrusion of the filmmakers and cameraman on her property and in her family's life.

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