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In The Epic of Gilgamesh, why does Gilgamesh want to find Utnapishtim?

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The Epic of Gilgamesh follows the course of the hero's journey twice. In the first iteration of the cycle, Gilgamesh meets Enkidu. 

Enkidu is more than just kin to Gilgamesh, he is a kindred spirit and functions as an element of conscience for the unruly and proud king. The journey for Gilgamesh in this first iteration of the hero's quest is one that we might characterize as being concerned with achieving adulthood or realizing one's proper place in the social world. Gilgamesh is half-god and so his limitations are not the same as the limitations of his subjects, the citizens of Uruk. 

His early bad behavior is an expression of adolescence, to phrase the situation in contemporary terms. Gilgamesh does not know right from wrong and tests his limits incessantly. Enkidu's arrival tempers Gilgamesh and, ironically, the wild man Enkidu serves to socialize the king. The subsequent journey into the woods to slay the monster there functions as a proving ground, as it were, for the newly adult...

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