In The House on Mango Street, why does Geraldo have no last name?From the information Cisneros provides, do you believe that his death was inevitable?

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teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In The House on Mango Street, Esperanza describes a guy whom Marin meets one night at a party.  Marin does not have a chance to get to know him; all she knows is that his name is Geraldo.  Later that night, he is in a car accident and rushed to the hospital.  Marin goes with him, but she cannot tell the doctors any details about him.  On the literal level of the story, Geraldo does not have a last name because he only has a brief relationship with Marin at a local dance.  However, on a figurative level, Geraldo is symbolic of many young men who leave their home countries to find better lives in America.  Near the end of the vignette, there are references to men working any job they can get, living frugally, and sending money home to family.  This is the reality for many people, and Geraldo is representative of this population.  He, like many others, tries to find some dreams in the Mango Street area, but loses his dreams to harsh reality.

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