In Angela's Ashes, why does Frank get angry at his father after Eugene's death?

Expert Answers
ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Near the end of Chapter two, of "Angela's Ashes," Franks younger brother, Eugene dies from pneumonia shortly after they have lost Oliver the same way.  On the day of the funeral Frank's father takes him along to get his money from the union and stops on the way home to drink.  When Frank goes into the pub on his aunt's instructions, he finds his father in the back of the pub drinking with another man.  He notices that his father and the man have Eugene's casket between them and they are putting their "pints" on the coffin.  Frank gets angry because it shows a disrespect for the death of Eugene.  On page 86  Frank says,

"I know that's Eugene's coffin because Oliver had one like it and I want to cry when I see the black pints on top of it."