Why does the Florist FTD have a logo of Hermes? I know they deliver fast, but is there anything else?? Please help!!Thank you.

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Acting as the messenger of the Gods, Hermes possesses a very unique role.  He has the duty of delivering messages with speed and grace within the pantheon of the Gods and between the immortals and the mortals.  His messenger capacity implies a quick grace to it, hence the winged sandals, and the general idea would be that once a message is commissioned to Hermes to deliver, it would be brought forth quickly and without deviation.  This might underscore why the floral delivery service, FTD, has appropriated Hermes as their symbol.  Flowers have to be delivered quickly for they might perish if there is delay.  At the same time, there are usually messages attached to the delivery of flowers that have to be delivered with all possible dispatch.  This would be where Hermes might be a good symbol for a flower delivery service, like FTD.

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Hermes is the Greek messenger god.  He is also the god of the road and of travelers.  The Romans adopted their version of him known as Mercury, who is the patron of commerce(business). In the early 1900's FTD adopted the classic figure of Mercury as its official logo most likely because he stands for a lot:"god" of business, road, and the messenger god.

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