Why does Fleur get raped and robbed of her home and land?

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The reason that Fleur gets raped is that she is a relatively powerless woman in the highly structured Chippewa's patriarchal society. In this culture, women are often viewed as both sexual objects and sexual property.

Fleur gets into trouble because she exudes an overt sexuality. According to historian Ruth Landis, "romantic sex was prized, seen as a 'hunt' and a game, by men especially" (65). Fleur's shameless playing of the game, however, does not always result in a romantic tryst, but in rape. Additionally, Fleur's unconventional sexuality does not win her friends in her tribe. Critic Shawn Vindmar notes that, "gender role confusion is important to note because it is her sexuality that keeps the town's tongues wagging."

Fleur losses her home and property because of a crooked deal concocted by Eli's brother, Nector.

Landes, Ruth. Ojibway Religion and the Midewiwin. Madison: The U of Wisconsin P, 1968.

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