Why does Farmer believe that his form of treating AIDS and TB afflicted patients is viable and effective?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Dr. Farmer as a medical anthropologist and social reformer decided to take it upon himself to DEMONSTRATE how to treat populations of sick people who are so poor or so destitute that they fall through the cracks of social fairness and equality and become forgotten.  His love for the dwellers of Peru and the HIV stricken poor communities, specifically the Haitian community has led him to go directly to policymakers to change he rules of the game when it comes to expanding services and extending care.

His premise that these illnesses are curable and treatable is based on the fact that he, by himself and with the help of other social reformers, have brought out the reality of these populations, and with enough documentation and back up he has established clinics, urged for (and later acquired) a myriad of health workers and organizations to fund new care programs, and he has proved the need for action through the intensive journal publication of the social reality of populations destitute and ill.

Basically Dr. Farmer tells clearly that the problem is not the illness but those policymakers who decide how to treat it, therefore, with enough documentation, investigation, gathhering of information, sources, and manpower, and the convincing for policymakers to revisit their plans of action, these illnesses would stop spreading and might even cease to affect these groups.

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