In "Fahrenheit 451", why do Faber and Montag prepare the plan to hide books in the houses of firemen?

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The plan that Montag and Faber put together in the second section of "Fahrenheit 451" is to plant books in the homes of the firemen so that the firemen will get arrested.  Montag hopes to bring down the establishment (government) from the inside. Montag said he wants to [make],"The salamander devour his own tale."  Montag goes back home then, to get money to give to a man Faber knows who owns a printing press.  At home, Mildred's friends drop by and Montag reads to them, upsetting all three of them tremendously.  The women leave and Montag gets out his stash of books, but before Montag can implement the plan he and Faber have put together, the firemen go to Montag's house because Montag has been turned in.

thesmartone10901 | Student

They planned it to hopefully scare the communities into not trusting the firemen.  Montag was sure he was going to get caught, and imagine the societies anguish if the firemen, the "leaders" and "helpers" of the society, break the rules themselves. Faber and Montag hoped community would veer from the firemen and deconform. Which in turn would get the society to start thinking for themselves

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