Why does Equality refer to himself as "we" in Anthem?

Expert Answers
price7781 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The society that Equality lives in is considered a dystopia because the individual rights of its people have been taken away.  The society feels they are doing the right thing; however, by taking away individual rights, they have created an unhappy, uneducated society who will blindly obey the Elders.  To the Elders of this society, the group is more important that the individual.  Society is centered around the "collective we" that maintains stability and a way of life that is free of war or violence.  Unfortunately, by stifling citizens' individuality, the society has regressed to the dark ages with few material comforts or joys.  In a collective society, there is no place for "I".  Equality doesn't even know the word exists until he finds some old documents from the past.  It is then that Equality realizes that the individual "I" is more important than the group, "we".  He realizes that he is different from the other citizens and runs away to start his own society where individual rights are respected.