In Chapter 5 why does Enoch believe he has "wise blood" in Wise Blood?  

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Enoch says that he has wise blood because he knows things.  He thinks that his blood tells him things.  He is a superstitious and simple man.

Enoch is a guard at City Forest Park.  He finds a special spot in the middle of the park.  He keeps this special spot a secret.  Enoch has a set routine, and every day he does “the same things.”  Although he is afraid of the water, he likes to watch people swim.

That morning Enoch Emery knew when he woke up that the person he could show it to would come.  He knew by his blood.  He had wise blood, like his daddy. (ch 5, p. 79)

Enoch is a simple young man who leads a simple life.  He is obsessed by the small museum exhibit of a mummified child he discovers in the park.

There was something, in the center of the park, that he had discovered.  It was a mystery, although it was right there in a glass case and there was a typewritten card over it telling about it. (ch 5, p. 81)

Enoch is obsessed with the exhibit, and shows it to Haze.  Haze is so annoyed that he hits him with a rock and knocks him out.

Enoch is significant because he demonstrates a lack of understanding and faith.  Haze is a strong believer, but he is his own kind of believer.  Enoch does not understand.  Haze might have been the one Enoch was supposed to show, but Haze was not satisfied.

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