Why does Emily make frequent use of the colour purple in her poems? e.g. her poem "Success is Counted Sweetest"

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Emily Dickinson employs the color purple in a myriad of her poems perhaps because it is a color that offers a sense of spirituality and intensity. This spirituality was long a part of Emily's life as she had attended Holyoke Female Seminary.  In addition, purple connotes an intensity of emotion, an intensity that Miss Dickinson herself demonstrated in her poety. Purple, too, is the color of pure thought and connects "the infinite conscsiousness with spiriutal understanding."  A color often well-liked by aritistic people, purple embodies the balance of red's stimulation and blue's calm.

Miss Dickinson's "Success Is Counted Sweetest" is clearly a poem with spiritual overtones.  For one thing, this poem has a homilic quality as the prosodic patterns all come from meters in hymnals and with the wording is concise, yet it demonstrates her ability to express the intensity of emotion in her poetry.Her paradoxes are much like those in the New Testament (i.e. "The last shall be first.")

With a sense of mystic and royal qualities,too, purple is often well -liked by the creative and the eccentric types of whom Dickinson may well be a great example.

tazeen | Student

Purple is often associated ith royalty and its a beautiful colour!

Maybe thats why :P

abhinavsinha | Student

I feel displeasure to say but you tend to have this nasty trait to see meaning in everything.emily has a very pure and descriptive talent.

the purple color which she has often used in her works simply state about her likeness for the color.i mean she has always associated this purple color with the darkness which starts to engulf or envelop the sky when the rays of the sun start to descend the other side of the hill.i agree that purple is bit more darker but she has written all her works, with the eyes of a child exploring and seeing these things for the first time.

i think you should understand that poetic essence and imagery.

try that and you will use purple too in all your exclusive works.