Why does Emily have a outburst before the wedding in Our Town, and how is she convinced to go through with it?

In Our Town, Emily has an outburst before the wedding because she's getting cold feet about marrying George, as she wants to stay for a while just the way she is. However, she's convinced to go through with the marriage by her father. He calls George over and asks him if he will take care of his daughter. George duly obliges, and Emily is reassured. The wedding ceremony can now take place.

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As is often the case with couples getting married for the first time, George and Emily are getting cold feet about their forthcoming nuptials. Still very young, they're getting anxious at the prospect of going through with a ceremony that will mark their transition to adulthood. To a large extent, neither George nor Emily really wants to grow up. They want to remain in the comfort zone of their extended childhood for as long as possible.

In a sign of how anxious he is, George openly tells his mother that he doesn't want to grow old. But Mrs. Gibbs makes her son feel better by telling him that he's a man now. In the meantime, Emily's even more apprehensive about getting married. In an extraordinary outburst, she tells her dad that she wishes she were dead and that she hates George. She also wants to know why she can't stay the way she is for a little while longer.

Emily doesn't really want to die, nor does she actually hate George. Her outburst is simply a sign of her immaturity. Thankfully, Mr. Webb is on hand to reassure her that she'll still be her father's girl even after she's married. For added reassurance, he calls George over and asks him if he will take care of his daughter. George says that he will and also expresses his love for Emily. Emily is glad to hear this, as all that she really wants in life is for someone to love her. Now the wedding ceremony can go ahead as planned.

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