In "The Crucible" why does Elizabeth think that John should go to Ezekiel Cheever?

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mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

John Proctor and Ezekiel Cheever are friends; Elizabeth feels that if John goes to talk to him about what Abby told him regarding the dancing in the woods, Cheever could pass it on to the courts, and maybe some of the madness would stop.  She says, "Let you go to Ezekiel Cheever-he knows you well.  And tell him what she said to you last week in her uncle's house.  She said it had naught to do with witchcraft, did she not...God forbid you keep that from the court, John."  When Abby spoke to John at the Parris household, she said that when her uncle jumped in on the girls, the "took fright is all", and that Betty was certainly not bewitched, just spooked.  So Elizabeth feels that is John shares that with the courts, all the chaos would be halted.  John agrees, but worries about sharing the information since Abby and he were alone at the time.  This sparks an argument between John and Elizabeth that is ended as Mary Warren comes in.  In the end, he doesn't need to go to Cheever, because Hale shows up and John tells him.  That information being out there didn't do any good, unfortunately, but John tried.

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