Why does Elizabeth refuse Mr.Darcy's proposal the first time?

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Even before Darcy proposes to Elizabeth in Chapter 34, it is clear that she cannot stand him. When he makes his surprise visit, she is astonished and barely acknowledges his presence. He sits in silence awkwardly for a few minutes before walking out of the room without saying anything. The tension in this scene is palpable.

Yet, Darcy storms back into the room and declares that his “feelings will not be repressed.” This is what the other educator response describes as his reluctance. He feels guilty for loving Elizabeth, which is not exactly how someone would like to be loved.

Even so, her rejection has more to do with her personal dislike of Darcy rather than anything he says in this particular conversation. He reacts angrily, wanting to know “why, with such little endeavor at civility, I am thus rejected.” He insults her again here by saying she is rude in the way she rejects him, something that only fuels her dislike further.

Prior to his departure, she stings him with the...

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