In "How I Met My Husband," why does Edie dislike Loretta Bird so much?

Expert Answers
Susan Hurn eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Edie has no respect for Loretta Bird or her husband. They aren't good parents to their seven children; they don't pay their bills, the husband drinks, and Loretta spends most of her time minding other people's business. Besides being an annoying, unwelcome  nuisance to Mrs. Pebbles and to Edie, Loretta assumes a superior attitude toward Edie, even calling her "ignorant." While Edie is present, Loretta talks to Mrs. Pebbles about her, as if Edie were not even there. Loretta also expects Edie to wait on her in Mrs. Pebbles' home. Edie does wait on her without complaint, but she deeply resents it. On one occasion, when Edie went to get Loretta a glass of iced tea, Loretta took Edie's chair, a sign of disrespect and her own ignorance, of which she was completely unaware.

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