In Fifth Business, why does Dunstable change his name? Please provide quotes.

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Dunstable Ramsay changes his name primarily because he seeks to see himself as a different person. During his World War I service, Ramsay narrowly escapes death, and in that close call, he comes to feel closer to God through beholding a miraculous image. His injuries are so severe that he is unconscious for six months. After he wakes up, while recovering in the hospital, he has ample opportunity to ponder his mortality and to consider his future, post-war path.

It is interesting that Robertson Davies has the character retain the first syllable of his name and change the suffix, “stable,” suggesting the instability of Ramsay’s situation or personality. His newfound concern with a spiritual life is likewise reflected in his decision to assume a saint’s name, as he now begins to study the saints’ lives. Although it does not seem that he was actively looking for a new name, when Diana suggests Dunstan, he realizes that it fits his future direction, combining “new freedom and a new...

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