Why does Don John hate Claudio so much in Much Ado About Nothing?

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Don John, having unsuccessfully rebelled against his brother, Don Pedro, and been defeated in battle, turns to other stratagems to make trouble. He feels especially malevolent towards the "exquisite" Claudio, who has risen in Don Pedro's favor since Don John has fallen. He resents Claudio's power and privilege and wants to bring him down simply for the pleasure of making him miserable. This is called spite.

Don John, speaking to his henchmen in act 1, scene 3, offers clear insights into his own character. He feels angry at Don Pedro, is not a gracious loser, and says he would rather be a cancer "canker" to his brother than a rose, an asset. In other words, he would rather spoil happiness than create it; that is the kind of person he is. Don...

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