Why does Dill make up so many stories about his parents, his travels and his life in general?this is from chapter 4

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Charles Baker Harris, more commonly called Dill, is often ignored by his parents.  Each summer he is sent away to visit his Aunt, Scout and Jim’s neighbor Rachel Haverford. While being ignored by his parents does not necessarily lead to neglect, like any young child he grows upset and craves their attention.  Because of this neglect, and his strong background in movies, Dill creates stories about his family and the times they spend together.  His stories are his way of creating the childhood he wishes he had.  So, when he comes to visit his aunt, he has a new audience to share his stories with.


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Also, Dill was based on Truman Capote, who was a close friend of the author, and who was notorious throughout his life for making up such larger-than-life stories.

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