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The Logan family, the main characters in Mildred Taylor's novel, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, took the long ride to Vicksburg in order to secure goods from a store other than the Wallace's back home. They chose to stop dealing with the Wallaces because of their attitudes toward other African-Americans in the area and due to their inflated prices. David decides to take Stacey because he is growing up and needs "to know business...  how to take care of it, how to take care of things when I'm not around."

The Logans were attacked by the Wallaces because "Thurston Wallace been in town talking 'bout how he's not going to let a few smart colored folks ruin his business. Says he's gonna put a stop to this shopping in Vicksburg." The attack was meant to scare the Logans and other black families from taking their business elsewhere.

After Mr. Morrison single-handedly takes on the Wallaces and injures several of them, the Logans know that they will continue to be a target. The Logans will now become the central focus of revenge for both the Morrisons and Mr. Granger, who still wants his old property back from the stubborn black family.

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