Why does Daniel feel uneasy while waiting for the man Rosh had sent him to rob in The Bronze Bow?

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Daniel is uneasy for a number of reasons in Chapter Nine. Firstly, this robbery is going to be the very first job that he has carried out by himself, without any help. As a result, there is pressure on him not to make a mistake. In order to prove his usefulness to Rosh, he recognises that he "must not bungle" this job. At the same time, he also recognises that Rosh has given him this job to carry out alone for varying motives that it is important for him to remember:

He understood that in a way this was a peace offering on Rosh's part, to repay him for mending the dagger. It was also, he knew, a test, the easy sort of test that Rosh soften devised to try out a ma's usefulness.

As a result, Daniel is very uneasy because of the pressure and the expectations on him to pass this test. There is also the recognition that Rosh is a man who is trying to work out his usefulness and whether he can be depended upon or not. These combine to make him feel very uneasy indeed.


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