Moll Flanders Questions and Answers
by Daniel Defoe

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Why does Daniel Defoe dispose of Moll's children so conveniently in Moll Flanders?

Daniel Defoe disposes of Moll's children conveniently for storytelling reasons. If the children had remained in the story, they would've got in the way of Moll's adventures. Also, by showing Moll dumping her kids on her in-laws, Defoe allows us to see what kind of character she is.

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Right from the start, we're left in no doubt that Moll Flanders regards other people as nothing more than commodities. That includes her own children. Some commodities are valuable to her and others aren't. Her children clearly fall into the unimportant category. So she leaves them to be raised by her in-laws while she sets off on her sordid adventures.

Now that Defoe, in the guise of his title character, has disposed of Moll's children, he's now...

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