Moll Flanders Questions and Answers
by Daniel Defoe

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Why does Daniel Defoe dispose of Moll's children so conveniently in Moll Flanders

Daniel Defoe conveniently disposes of Moll's children in Moll Flanders for two reasons. The first reason is because they would get in the way of their mother's adventures. The second is because Moll leaving her children in the care of her in-laws allows Defoe to show us just what kind of person Moll really is.

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Moll's disposal of her children is just one of the many immoral, unsavory activities in which she engages throughout the book. It's patently obvious that she regards them as nothing more than an onerous burden she wants to get rid off as soon as possible. It's fair to say that Moll doesn't have much of a maternal instinct, but even so, her actions in this regard are particularly shocking.

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