Why does Daniel continue to visit the shore of Capernaum in "The Bronze Bow"?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Daniel continues to visit the shore of Capernaum because he wants to hear more of the words of Jesus.  He had initially gone to hear the teacher because Joel had asked him to, but after that first time "he could not get the words of the carpenter out of his head".  Daniel finds himself rising before dawn nearly every morning in the following week so that he could walk the three miles to the city "to join the little crowd that always waited at the shore". 

Jesus preaches a message of love and acceptance that goes totally against the creed that Rosh, the insurgent fighter whom Daniel had heretofore idolized, espouses.  Daniel does not always completely understand what Jesus is saying, and he often returns home "puzzled and impatient", but inexplicably, "a few nights later, almost against his will, he would go again".  Daniel is not sure what Jesus intends to do, and he also does not know how what he is saying fits in with everything he had once believed, but he returns to Capernaum "day after day" because "the hope and promise in Jesus' words (draw) him back".

Daniel's sister Leah is fascinated by the stories Daniel tells her about what Jesus says and does.  Sometimes Daniel thinks that, if nothing else, his long hours journeying to Capernaum have been valuable because they have "at least given him something to talk to Leah about" (Chapter 15).