Why does Dana’s aunt accept her desire to marry Kevin?

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Dana's and Kevin's respective families are generally hostile to their proposed marriage. Kevin is surprised to find out that his sister disapproves of her brother getting married to an African American woman. He never thought she'd have a problem with such a relationship, but clearly she has. It seems that her mind's been poisoned by her prejudiced husband, a dentist whom Kevin thinks would've made a good Nazi.

As for Dana's aunt and uncle, they're also less than enthused, if not quite so fervently opposed. Her uncle feels kind of let down by the fact that she's planning to marry a white man. He feels like she's rejecting him in some way. Dana's uncle has always been like a father to her and they've always enjoyed such a close bond together. That's why he objects to his niece getting married to Kevin; he wants her to get married to someone who looks like him, a black man.

Dana's aunt doesn't much care for white people. As Dana tells Kevin, she much prefers light-skinned blacks. Ironically, this explains why she isn't as down on Dana's forthcoming marriage as her husband. She figures that if Dana marries Kevin they'll at least have light-skinned children, and she'll be just fine with that.

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