The Great Gatsby Questions and Answers
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Why does Daisy marry Tom?

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Daisy is depicted as an extremely shallow, superficial woman, who prefers financial security and a life of luxury over genuine love and companionship. As a young woman, Daisy Fay fell in love with Jay Gatsby, who was a poor soldier that could not offer her the financial security and luxurious lifestyle that she was used to, which is why he fabricated his life story while they were together. Despite being in love with Jay Gatsby, he was deployed overseas to fight in WWI and she eventually married the wealthy Tom Buchanan.

Unlike Jay Gatsby, Tom Buchanan comes from an affluent family like Daisy and is considered a member of America's wealthy elite. Despite the fact that Tom Buchanan is an ignorant, unscrupulous man, Daisy chose to marry him because of his extreme wealth and revered social status. Initially, Daisy fell in love with Tom and hoped to have a happy marriage. However, she quickly discovered that Tom was an unfaithful husband. Although Tom continued to carry on affairs behind her back, Daisy remained married to him because he was financially well-off.

Eventually, Daisy is reintroduced to Jay Gatsby and begins having an affair with him. Despite her attraction to Jay Gatsby, she does not genuinely love him and chooses to remain with Tom after he exposes Gatsby as a bootlegger. Daisy's decision to remain with Tom emphasizes her shallow, superficial nature. She would rather be wealthy and stay with a man that she does not love than take a chance with Jay Gatsby.

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