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by Sophocles

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In Sophocles' Antigone, why does Creon, contrary to the chorus's advice, bury the body of Polynices before he releases Antigone? Does his action show a zeal for piety as shortsighted as his earlier zeal for law?

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It is certainly very evident that the Chorus does indeed advise Creon to first free Antigone and then bury Polynices, as we see in their lines, "Go and release the maiden from her rocky home and make a tomb for the unburied man" (1109-1110). It is also very evident that Creon disregards their advice and first buries Polynices and then frees Antigone, but it is all too late--both Antigone and his son Haemon have already taken their own lives. His decision to disregard the Chorus, once again, certainly does show a couple of things about his character.

For one thing, it shows that Creon has actually not really grown much as a character--he is still the same stubborn old fool who refuses to take advice. Just like he refused to listen to either the Chorus's or his son's advice concerning burying Polynices or how...

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