Why does Corrie Ten Boom never marry?

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Corrie Ten Boom was born in 1892.  She was one of four children who lived with her father and two aunts.  As she grew she became the first woman to earn certification as a watchmaker.  She lived a life of service.  She never married because she dedicated her life to the service of others.  She was a strong Christian role model for many young girls and ran a club in her home town that taught many young girls about Christianity as well as gymnastics, dance, art, reading, and other areas required for girls to become "ladies" during that era.  She also worked with the handicapped citizens in her community.  She was active in her church and she dedicated her life to doing God's service.  By trying to protect the Jewish people she ended up in prison and a concentration camp.  When the war ended and she was released, she set up a camp for survivors of the war.  She simply did not have time to marry, raise a family, take care of her mission work and her father and sister, so she never married, but dedicated her life to the service of others.

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