Why does China raise concern regarding trash? Provide 3 specific examples and issues.

missshell529 | Student

Well, towards the end of November, 5 boys were found dead in a garbage bin in south west Chine after trying to seek shelter and warmth in the bin by lighting a fire. The boys suffocated. They were know as part of a "left-behind" rural children culture. Their death raised questions on the public morality that has been trampled on by China's economic growth. It has also shows the issues of families in China where an estimated 58 million children lack supervision because their parents are looking for jobs. 

Another problem with China's trash is that cattle are living off the landfills. The cattle are constantly scouting for food including rotten items. Their presence is a concern because of the germs and mold that cattle are exposed to can be passed onto humans through their meat. Also the cattle could be eating chemicals like mercury that can also be passed.