Why does Chillingworth rush to stop Hester and Dimmesdale from mounting the saffold

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The scaffold is a symbol of Puritan public punishment; but it is also a symbol of redemption; so, it is very little wonder, then, why Chillingworth attempts to prevent Hester and Dimmesdale from mounting the scaffold. For if Dimmesdale is allowed to mount the scaffold and stand with Hester and Pearl before the congregation and admit that he is the adulterer with whom Hester has created Pearl, then Chillingworth's revenge of tormenting Dimmesdale and Hester will end, not to mention what he will looks like to the congregation, a very evil monster, who stands by and not only torments Dimmesdale and Hester, but never tells the Puritan authorities the truth of who he is and that he knows the truth about Dimmesdale and Hester.