What is the relationship between Charley and Willy?

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Charley is very well aware of the signs of Willy Loman's decline. Willy confides in Charley about his money situation and accepts financial help from Charley, who is concerned for Willy and who offers compassion as well as offering Willy a job.

The two men have been competitors over the years, with Charley always finding more success than Willy. Charley enjoys giving Willy a hard time, but ultimately wants to see Willy and his family do well.

We can see Charley's concern for Willy first in the fact that he makes a midnight visit to Willy's house when he hears Willy shouting, alone in the kitchen. We see this concern again in the advice that Charley gives as well as in the offer of a job. Charley knows that Willy is not entirely honest, yet he offers him a job anyway.

Willy's pride won't let him accept the job. It would be too much like admitting defeat, something he only does in his most private and desolate moments.


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