Why does Charles Darnay strongly oppose the French aristocratic way of life in A Tale of Two Cities?Reference book 2.

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Charles renounces his title because he does not believe in the excesses of his uncle’s lifestyle.  He also disagrees with the way the peasants are treated by the nobles.  The incident with the peasant girl that his uncle rapes is a perfect example.  Darnay knows that he will inherit the title, and he cannot bring himself to accept that lifestyle.  He leaves France, takes a job teaching, and falls in love with Lucie in one of those great Dickensian coincidences- his family is responsible for sending her father to prison for 18 years, leading her father to renounce the entire St. Evremonde family, which gets Darnay convicted and sentenced to death.

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