In "Fahrenheit 451," why does Capt. Beatty make Montag nervous? (p. 19-40)

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Beatty makes Guy nervous in the first part of the story because it seems to Guy that Beatty can see into him and into what he is thinking.  It is obvious that Guy, despite his denial to Clarisse when she asked him if he ever read any of the books he burned, that he does indeed have some books hidden at his house.  This is clear because the ventilator grille in Guy's home is mentioned a couple of times.  When Guy tells Beatty that he thinks the Mechanical Hound doesn't like him and Beatty responds with laughter saying the Hound is just mechanical and doesn't like or dislike, Guy goes on to say he'd hate to be the Hound's next victim, Beatty asks him if he feels guilty about something.  Guy again thinks of the ventilator grille and what is behind it.  Beatty seems to have his suspicions about Guy, "Beatty stood there looking at him steadily with his eyes, while his mouth opened and began to laugh very softly."  Beatty always seems to be a step ahead in the story and Guy senses this so Beatty makes him nervous.

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