Why does Bruno not know what his father does for living?

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There are a couple of reasons why Bruno is kept in the dark about his father's profession. Bruno has a very strained relationship with his father.

Bruno is nine years old and is forced to move to Auschwitz. He hates being there and resents his father for making them move there. He knows that he has been forced to move because of his father's work. He doesn't know what his father does. His father is very strict and very proud of being a Nazi. He wants his son to think like he does, but Bruno feels the complete opposite. Bruno befriends a Jewish boy and they become the best of friends. His father does not like jews at all and wishes his only son would become a man like he is. His father is very patriotic. He has great pride in his country and for what they stand for. He is very stoic and never shows his emotions. Bruno looks at his father with disdain. He has no respect for him. The job his father has now, is as a commander in the concentration camp. Everything that he does and orders to be done, is of the highest secret. They do not want anything to come to light of what they are doing. Bruno is kept away from this by his father, but by befriending Shmuel, Bruno learns first hand the horrors that await so many.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is a book that is heart-breaking. It takes you on an emotional journey of childhood. You see the childhood of Bruno, who is raised with money, and the childhood of Shmuel, who is in the concentration camp. The two boys are from different world, yet in the end they are just alike. The horror of the holocaust is brought to life in the world's of Bruno and Shmuel.  

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