Why does blonde hair and blue eyes signify beauty in our society today?

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I also assume you are speaking primarily of the USA. 

I'm not sure.  It seems a little Aryan, doesn't it?  Who would dare tell Halle Barry that she is not beautiful?  Jane Seymour? Sandra Bullock? Penelope Cruz? 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Personally, I find olive skin, dark hair and green or blue eyes more enticingly beautiful than the blonde hair which is so often forced and false looking through bottled products.


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I am not really sure that blonde hair and blue eyes signify beauty. There are many beautiful people out there who have dark hair and dark eyes and are just as beautiful. I agree with the previous post that it seems a bit aryan.

Maybe the reason is related to the fact that natural blonde hair and natural blue eyes are not as common as other hair and eye colors.

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Does it? I have always preferred natural red hair and green eyes with the more freckles the better. It must be my Irish heritage that causes this. All joking aside, blue-eyed blondes are actually quite rare--I believe I read somewhere that true blondes make up only about 6% of the population. Blondes with blue eyes make up an even smaller number. I believe it is in part because of the rarity of such people that the combination is considered so attractive.

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This answer could vary a little bit based on what society you are talking about.  I will answer using the United States' society.

I think that people equate blonde hair and blue eyes with beauty because of white supremacist ideas.  I do not mean that people who think these are beautiful are racist.  What I mean is that our society has always held the idea that white people are better than non-white people.  Because of this, we prefer blonde hair and blue eyes.

The connection there is that these are things that only white people can have, at least naturally.  Nonwhite people often have brown eyes and black hair.  Because of that, these darker colors are seen (unconsciously) as more like the "inferior" people.

So blonde hair, blue eyes = white = better = beautiful.

Again, though, I'm not saying this is conscious racism...

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There is a history of people believing that blonde hair and blue eyes signified beauty. Of course, this isn't the case in all societies. Many indigenous societies don't necessarily have the same view on beauty as most western cultures. 

As television became accessible in many homes, commercials used fair skinned, blonde hair, blue eyed actors to promote products. They pushed this version of "beauty" to sell goods. barbie dolls and super models alike were used to promote beauty.

During WWII, the Nazi party also believed that the "perfect race" was Aryan. They believed that a person was pure if they had blonde hair and blue eyes. They even performed experiments on labor camp prisoners in an attempt to prove that Aryans were "superior." 

As members of society, it is our responsibility to change this view of "beauty." Beauty comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. We need to expose our children to all kinds of cultures and allow them to see how beauty has nothing to do with someone's exterior. 

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Personally I have platinum blonde hair, and blue eyes. Iv was born with that coloured hair and haven't died it before. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and every person is equal

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I don't think blonde hair and blue eyes are special. Where I live blonde/blue is very common and most people in my family have them. To me, the ultimate beauty is someone who is mixed race. They just look healthier and hazel eyes are my favorite especially on tan skin. 

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Personally , I think it is based on individual preference . For me , I don't think that blonde hair and blue eyes is the ideal beauty , and I honestly believe that there is not an ideal beauty out there . But if someone believes that blonde hair and blue eyes is the ideal beauty , it is probably because blue eyes are very rare . Of course though , this is just my opinion . 

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(i'm just speaking form the experiences i have been through, and things i have thought about so please understand this has no racism or negativity towards any group intended.)

To answer your question, i guess because those traits are less seen (if we look at it from a non american society's here). This is just a personal opinion but i feel that the less you have, the more you want.

kinda like from what i've seen with a lot of american people, (i understand this is not always true) they like having tanned skin, because it is not as common having darker skin naturally (unless genetics), whereas in a lot of places in Asia they love having lighter skin and consider it attractive because it is less seen over there. Of course i'm not saying these are the rules and that every single asian person wants to have light skin vice versa nor am i trying to be racist. i just believe its the attractiveness of change or being different that causes these opinions. 

Obviously this is not always true, because of peoples differing opinions on beauty and their differing definitions of it.

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Most people in our society think blond hair blue eyes is the dreamiest of all with fair skin and piercing blue eyes, but beauty is based on what you think. Many times you see girls darkening their hair color and going for tans to get color in their skin. Barbie has blond hair and blue eyes and girls think she is the epitome of beauty when in fact there's no possible way barbie could be a real girl if she was real, her proportions for one don't even scale to the real world. Beauty is based on how you see it. 

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This is a unique trait to White American culture(not racist), where blonde has long been a definition of beauty since Marilyn Monroe, who is credited with starting the "dumb blonde" stereotype. As to blue eyes, this is a trait generally associated and more or less possible only for White Americans. Thus, they signify beauty.

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We have a very white - centric society that dictates what is beautiful and what isn't. Blonde hair and blue eyes make the smallest portion of the population and humans naturally desire what is rare. But even more than that, beauty media knows that the only way to make money is to have people try to attain a near impossible standard and this is just one of many. 

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Beauty is subjective. That much can be said. It depends on a particular person and her views about physical or inner beauty. For me, blonde hair and blue eyes does signify beauty. But it doesn't mean that having dark hair and dark eyes make you less beautiful. I think it is seen as a unique kind of beauty. In today's society, I think we have formed a bit of bias. Barbie, for example, has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is looked upon by little girls as the image of perfection. Nonetheless, beauty can be perceived differently by each individual.

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Some people believe that blonde hair and blue eyes represents the "superior race". At least that's what I have heard. Really I don't believe that that is true. People see beauty differently; it all depends on personal preference. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and everyone has traits that will make them unique and beautiful.

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