Why does Betty cry for her mother after she is awake in Act One of The Crucible? She is not witched, is she?  

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Betty is

aged ten... lying on the bed, inert.

A ten-year-old is going to be pretty freaked out by taking part in something a bunch of teenagers were doing in an effort to conjure up spirits. Betty criticizes Abigail for drinking blood, and for drinking a charm to get Elizabeth Proctor. This is heavy stuff to participate in and watch at age 10.

I don't think she was witched, but scared... yes. Wanting to stay silent on purpose to not have to report... yes. If you listen to the words she says to Abby, she has a mixture of emotions about what has happened. I sense anger and fear mixed together. Who do all children cry for during a fear emotion? Their mommy. It makes complete sense.

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In Act One of this play,when Betty is with Abigail and some of the other girls.  She is unconscious or pretending to be.  Abigail tells Betty she will beat her and Betty wakes up.  Soon after, she calls for her mother.

I do not believe that Betty is bewitched.  What I believe is that she is really frightened and is maybe on the edge of going crazy.  She knows how much trouble she will be in if her father finds out that she has been messing around with witchcraft.  This, in my opinion, makes her half crazy with fear.