Why does Beneatha want to pursue being a doctor?In her character she alwayz talked about being a doctor despite the fact that she didn't have much support.

Expert Answers
docent5353 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The young female character Beneatha in the Raisin In the Sun play wants to become a doctor as the doctoral profession is seen as the highest intellectual and social attainment in the United States of America.

The play, Raisin in the Sun, was one of the first serious and critically acclaimed plays for Blacks in America.  The verbiage, dreams, ideals and aspirations of blacks were disclosed in this new arena.  Prior to this play and Beneatha's character desiring to be a professional and a doctor brought credence and reality to the fact that blacks are more than just maids and cooks or nanny's.

Today we have Dr. Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Condeleeza Rice and myself; Dr. Markla Phillips.  I too, read about Beneatha and wanted to elevate myself via an outstanding education to be a scholar.  Not a person of color than is stereotyped as ignorant and inept because she did not receive an education nor properly plan for her future.

In the play, Raisin in the Sun, the major concepts are about upward mobility, education and for Walter Lee, the question he must answer is whether or not he can finally be a man.  In this time period as now, the idea of black manhood or even a man with some money to make financial and social decisions was a huge idea to discuss. 

The fact that Beneatha wants to move ahead and use the family's scarce resources for the benefits her own upward academic mobility does not sit well with her brother Walter Lee who has his own designs for the money his mother left to him.