Why does Beatrice break into Roy's house in "Hoot"?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Beatrice breaks into Roy's house because "things got kinda hairy at home (and she) didn't know where else to go".

After he has gone to bed, Roy is surprised to hear his name being whispered in his room.  Beatrice slides out from underneath his bed, and when Roy, stunned, asks how she got in the house, she replies matter-of-factly, I didn't bust any windows or anything...the sliding door on your porch popped right off the track...they all do". 

Beatrice explains that her parents, who are bizarre and dysfunctional even under the best of conditions, "got in a huge fight".  Her mother threw a clock radio at (her father's) head, so he beaned her with a mango."  Roy, who "had always thought that Beatrice Leep wasn't afraid of anything", feels bad that she has to live "in a house where the grownups (behave) so idiotically", and tells Beatrice that she can stay the night as long as his parents don't find out.  He chivalrously offers to sleep on the floor so she can have the bed, but she refuses, so Roy gives Beatrice "a pillow and a blanket, and she stretch(es) out happily on the carpet" (Chapter 16).

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