In The Kite Runner, why does Baba's son say that he was always learning more from other people about his father?

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Baba was not the type to open up to his son, he felt that it was somehow not appropriate and that his son needed to grow up tough and strong like him and strong people did not sit around and talk about their feelings.

So Amir learned to accept this and found that he was often learning about his father through the stories of others.  He heard a lot from Rahim Kahn, his father's best friend, and in some ways this helped him to feel that he was getting to know Baba despite the fact that Baba never shared much with him.

He also felt that every occasion that was supposed to be a celebration for him always ended up being a chance for Baba's many friends and admirers to come over, but by watching and talking with them sometimes he would get more about Baba than he was willing to share directly.

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