Why does B.J. have trouble sleeping after the wreck?

Expert Answers
schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

B.J. is the character who is very religious. He finds solace in talking to God.  He is the only one of the boys who was not drinking that night. Consequently, he should have been the designated driver. He feels guilty about the fact that Tyrone was driving drunk, and because of that Robbie died.  He says,

"I keep seein' the fire and hearin' his screams and feelin' so helpless.  He was too young to die like that...Was it all done to teach us kids a lesson?  Will it stop us from drinkin' and drivin'?  Maybe--a few.  But the rest will keep on doing it no matter what.  So I still don't understand why?" (pg 16)

He thinks he should have tried to stop them from driving that night, or that he should have been driving.  However, he bowed to peer pressure, and he was just happy to be hanging around with the popular boys, so he didn't say anything.  Now he feels guilty. He asks God,

"Please, Lord, help me to learn to live with this too." (pg 17)