Why does the author reveal the facts about the jilting as she does instead giving it in a straightforward manner?

epollock | Student

Porter masterfully uses figurative language to depict the netherworld between Granny Ellen Weatherall’s consciousness, memories, and the grip of death. Dr.Harry floats “like a balloon” (paragraph 6) in a room “like a dark curtain drawn around the bed” (paragraph 8) filed with “streamers of blue-gray light like tissue paper over her eyes” (paragraph 29). Towards the end, Granny’s daughter’s voice“staggered and bumped like a cart in a bad road” (paragraph 56) and in her last moments, Granny enters the figurative world she describes: The line between figurative and literal becomes blurred. It is Granny's worlds that becomes blurred because she is near death. Granny climbs into the metaphorical cart which represents her daughter’s faltering voice, which eventually “made short turns and tilted over and crashed” (paragraph 58).

As Granny Weatherall reviews her life, it is in the stream of consciousness style, the haphazardness of her recollection; it is because her story charts the many transformations she has undergone in her eighty years. Her life history captures how work changes a woman, how betrayal alters a person’s heart, how motherhood changes a woman, and ultimately how aging affects her judgment of her own life.

cdickson96 | Student

The reason that she does not give in straight forward is: by utilizing the "stream of consciousness" technique porter is able to draw in the reader by allowing them to see the jilting through granny weatherall's own eyes creating a better understanding of the feelings that she is having!!

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