Why does the author title the story "The Gift of the Magi"?

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"The Gift of the Magi" is a story in which a young couple excel in their giving one to another. The author compares their giving to the gifts the Magi gave to baby Jesus. The Three Wise men knew how to give. They gave unique gifts with special emphasis. Jim and Della have given special gifts one to the other. They gave the ultimate sacrifice. They gave their most prized possession. 

Truly, no other couple has been compared to The Three Wise Men and their giving of themselves. The author of "The Gift of the Magi" beautifully writes how Jim and Della pay the price by giving up valuable gifts to show their love for one another. 

No greater love is expressed than the love Jim and Della have for each other. Their gift giving displays the unselfish attitudes. Jim and Della care deeply and each one's gift giving expresses a genuine desire to please the other. 

No doubt, Jim and Della are the Magi:

The narrator explains that the wise men, or magi, brought gifts to the baby Jesus and so invented the giving of Christmas gifts. Because these men were wise, they no doubt gave wise gifts. Delia and Jim, the narrator asserts, have unwisely sacrificed their most precious possessions. Yet, because they gave from the heart, they are wise: "They are the magi."

meeenakshi | Student

 The magi were the wise people who started the tradition of giving gifts by giving gifts to baby jesus in the manger worthy of the son of God.wise men gave worthy gifts ,in the same wayJim and Della loved each other so much that they sold off their most precious possessions tobuy each other most worthy gifts.  Jim and Della sacrificed their onlly wealth to give each other the most precious gifts which would have added more value to these very precious possessions.Both thought that their gift was unique for their loved ones .They showed the ultimate value by giving more value to their loved one rather than their own treasure,thus thy are called the ,magi the wisest of all.

missemilystone | Student

The magi were historically a group of men who brought the new-born baby Jesus gifts. The type of gifts they gave were of the most wise nature. Now, we aren't sure what gifts they actually were, but they were the wisest anyone could give. Their intentions behind the gfts could probably be the reason why they were so wise in nature. The magi's intentions to the Jesus were of love and loyalty. The gifts Della and Jim exchanged on Christmas signify their love and loyalty for each other in the way it did when the wise magi brought those wisely loyal gifts.

vasalva | Student


princezzin | Student

the gift of the magi is a story about a young couple who sacrifice everything they fave of value to give each other the best christmas presents . They have been compared to ' the three wise men or the magi ', who according to the christian new testament , travelled to bethlehem to deliver three presents to baby jesus. the gifts, the magi gave to jesus ,are considered to be prophetic gifts thet recognised Jesus' role as king and saviour. Similarly, the gifts Jim and Della gave each other, like the gifts of the magi, were the wisest gifts of all because self sacrifice in the name of love is the wisest gift. Hence, the title 'The Gift of the Magi ' is very apt !


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