Why does Atticus think Jem and Scout disobeyed him when he told them to stay in front of the Radley lot? (Chapters 6-8) in To Kill a Mockingbird

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Atticus questions Jem and Scout on the night of the fire at Miss Maudie's house after he notices that his daughter has been covered with a blanket that she did not have before. When Scout assures him that they have obeyed him, Atticus asks

"Then whose blanket is that?"

Only then does Scout notice the blanket that has been draped around her shoulders. She tells Atticus that she has no idea how it materialized. When she turned to Jem for support, "he was even more bewildered than I." After they repeated their insistence that they had not moved from the spot where he left them, "Atticus grinned slowly." He was the first to realize that everybody in Maycomb had congregated to see the fire--even Boo Radley, who had stealthily placed the blanket on Scout's shoulders to warm his young friend.

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